Program for Dynamic Connectedness ApproachFinancial and Macroeconomic Connectedness is important for a number of financial activities, including but not …Program packages, Reference materials2021-03-25 16:33:19
R package for MIDAS-based VaR and ES forecastOur member, Dr. Trung Le, provides an R package to perform MIDAS-based VaR and ES …Program packages2021-03-25 16:05:09
R package for Autoregressive Conditional Density ModelOur member, Dr. Trung Le, provides an R package to estimate the Autoregressive Conditional Density …Program packages2021-03-25 15:55:54
Which statistical software for econometric analyses?Our member, Dr. Trung Le, briefly reviews which statistical software can be used in econometrics …Reference materials2021-03-25 15:34:33
Introduction to Econometrics using ROur member, Dr. Trung Le has written a short document in Vietnamese to illustrate how …Reference materials2021-03-21 21:30:36